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J and K Cabinets a Ready to Order cabinetry

MAV Design Concepts carries a variety of cabinet brands to design every space that needs remodeling. Our brands are made in USA and South East Asia.  Whether your home is traditional, eclectic or contemporary, our brands have traditional, transitional and modern cabinetry for every home. We design affordable, functional and efficient kitchens to fit every price range.

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Getting Started

Contemporary Kitchen

Nothing is more confusing than learning to choose the right cabinetry that enhances the look of your kitchen, is sustainable, functional and classic. Learning  how to choose from the different types of woods used for construction; whether to have painted, stained, glazed, laminated, high gloss or manufactured cabinetry. What are the different doors styles and what colors are best for your home?  Is a contemporary, traditional or transitional kitchen right for your home? Journey through this adventure and explore our products to decide what's best for you. Read our Cabinet FAQs to learn more. 

Cabinet FAQs

Cabinet FAQs

1.   What is the first item to select while starting a Kitchen or Bath remodel? 

Before hiring a Kitchen and Bath Designer we recommend exploring what your space would look like.  A collection of photos of Kitchens or Bathrooms in magazines or social media is a good place to start.  Selecting the basic colors of your Kitchen Cabinets is first and foremost.  Whether one prefers natural wood or painted cabinets, it's important to stay with the final selections.   The architectural features of the exterior and interior of your home, interior decor, architectural elements of the fireplace mantle, hearth, columns, door and window molding or crown moldings is a good clue for what finishes and door style will work for the Kitchen or Bathroom. Our designer will show a variety of finish samples to chose from and advise if your selections are heading in the right direction. Below are some cabinet finishes we carry. 


Cabinet Finishes

2.   What are the different doors styles and what's best for your home? 

After deciding the finish of your cabinetry, next is to select the door style. The style of your home determines what door style will suit your home best. In a traditional home a raised panel or ornate doorstyle, either painted or stained maybe the best choice. In a contemporary home, a recessed panel or shaker style door maybe appropriate. If your home is more or less transitional any doorstyle could work. Some other doorstyles work wonderfully for a beach house, farmhouse, a rustic home where natural woods may look great! It is all in the eye of a good designer to suggest the best choice for your home.  

Door Styles

Door Styles

3. How do I know I am paying the right price for my cabinets? 
Value is when you get products for the price they are worth.  There are numerous brands of cabinets available in Kitchen and Bath Design showrooms; through independent designers such as us; in home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes; and even online. The way to determine if you're getting the right product for the right price is to compare it's expense vs it's quality. Simply put, Inexpensive cabinets will be cheap or inferior in quality. Good quality cabinets will always be higher priced, how much higher depends upon who you’re purchasing from and what they are made from and how are they constructed. Cheap quality cabinets can be sold expensive, so buyers beware.  But Excellent quality cabinets will never be inexpensive. 


Construction Grades

4. What is the best way to find out the quality of cabinets? Is it Cabinet doors that are more important to consider or Cabinet boxes? 

Cabinet boxes will never be seen since they are the bones of the kitchen and one can very easily be fooled by just looking at the doors. But it's the cabinet boxes that determine the value of the Kitchen. If a manufacturer is making the best grade boxes, they are probably making the best doors as well. 'You cannot judge a book by it's cover'. As a guideline, Cabinet boxes can be furniture grade or value line (builder grade or particle board), thus refered to as ‘GOOD’.  Furniture board are a combination of plywood and particle board sandwiched or layered thus refered to as ‘BETTER’. Finally, All Plywood Construction boxes are considered ‘BEST’ in quality. They are plywood slices glued together to form 1/2" or 3/4" thich box sides, back, top and bottom. Shelves and drawer boxes are 1/2" or 3/4" thick. Always ask what is the quality of a 'STANDARD' line in a brand and what are the 'UPGRADES'. The adhesive that binds the plywood must be FDA approved. Thus, it matters where the cabinets have been manufactured. 

Cabinet Doors vary in price depending upon the wood, doorstyle, base coat and top coat applied to it, and any special techniques used.  

A door maybe Slab, Flat Panel, Raised Panel, Reverse Raised Panel or Mitered.  Different manufacturers price their woods depending upon the demand and availability of wood and the finish applied to it. A door may also be made of MDF with a thin laminated sheet of wood or  a sheet of engineered product.  Most common woods are White Oak, Quarter Sawn Oak, Hickory, Maple, Alder, Cherry, Walnut, Birch, Pine or other wood more specific to the area. 

     Esthetics drives the look of the kitchen. When all the cabinet sizes that your kitchen needs are found in one particular brand, that's the brand recommended by your designer.

Construction Styles

Framed and Frameless Cabinetry 

Framed Cabinetry is the traditional way American cabinet manufacturers have built cabinets and what you will find in a typical kitchen today. As the word suggests, the face of framed cabinets have a 1-1/2 inch frame resembling a flat picture frame.  One large benefit to framed cabinetry is that the more traditional framing offers the ability for three (3) different cabinet door overlay styles to select from: Standard Overlay (also known as “Partial Overlay”), Full Overlay, or Inset.

Frameless Cabinetry is more popular in Europe and is considered modern style.  The concept is simple - the face frame is eliminated and just the box remains. The doors are attached directly to the sides of the cabinet box for a clean, modern look. Without the frame, frameless cabinets rely on a thicker box for strength and stability.