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A perspective 3D rendering of a kitchen design.
Remodeling Phases Flow Chart
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Our designer will help you prepare for your new space. We gather your ideas, thoughts, wishes, hand drawn sketches or collection of photos, social media searches and organize a concept of your future space. We guide you step by step throughout our 8 step remodeling process until your project is complete. LEARN  MORE

What to expect during your remodel

  • We provide a Custom 'Scope of Work' with an Estimate and a Budget especially for your needs.

  • When you sign the contract for us to begin, we will put together a Design Package as follows:

  • We draft Architectural Drawings and present 3D Renderings so you may visualize concepts of the finished space.  

  • Involve you throughout the Remodeling Design Process of your project in Interior Designing

  • Coordinate with the General Contractor, Sub Contractors and Inspectors. 

  • Strive to avoid and resolve surprises that result in costly mistakes by abiding by NKBA Guidelines and building code.

  • Stay with the trends while keeping functionality and esthetics in mind. 

  • We understand this maybe your first Kitchen or Bath Remodel......but  it's not our first, and that makes us better than others. 

8 Step Remodeling Process

Our 8 Step Remodeling Phases

Step 1
Free Initial Consultation

Your first remodeling consultation is by phone. We gather as much information as we can about your Kitchen, Bath, Office or any other space you are remodeling and try to answer all your questions. If you decide to move forward with an in-home consultation or site analysis we charge a one-time non-refundable consultation fee, depending upon the size of your project and the scope of work.

Step 2
In Home or On Site Consultation for Kitchen or Bath $250

For a low price of $250 only we will give you valuable expert advice.  Consultation lasts between 1 hour to 2 ½ hours. We review the rooms to be remodeled, offer space planning and design solutions.  We discuss cabinet, countertop and appliance options, take photos and measurements. If there are any appointments to be scheduled to visit showrooms or a follow-up visit to review samples of Cabinets and Countertops, we do that during this meeting. We discuss your budget and timeline for the renovation. If you wish to engage MAV Design Concepts’ services in completing your remodel, we settle on an agreement. We will prepare a contract with a scope of work. A to-do itemized list is made for the client to fulfill. It is important to understand that your next 30 - 60 days will be consumed with finalizing appliances, cabinets, countertops, tiles, paints, hardware, flooring, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, etc.  Our designer is experienced in putting together the whole project and will guide you throughout the process. 

Step 3             
Conceptual Design Development Retainer $2000 - $3500

A $2000 - $3500 retainer (depending upon the size of the Kitchen or Bathroom) gives us the go ahead to begin the documentation process which is eventually required by the general contractor, building inspections department, sub-contractors to do their due diligence for your project.  Part of the retainer is applied towards purchase of cabinets and countertops. 

Documentation phase must not take more than 2 to 3 weeks. Cabinets must be ordered within approximately 30 days. We begin by drafting construction documents of the existing space. A demolition plan, if required, shows removal of walls, windows or other structural elements. A Floor Plan and Elevations with new Cabinet, Countertop and fixtures for Kitchen or Bathroom is drafted. Actual samples of materials, appliances (new or existing to be installed in the new kitchen) are incorporated into our 3D renderings to help visualize your finished space. We will prepare documents for a permit set if required by the inspections department of your city/county.

(Disclaimer: Renderings are limited due to time constraints and will be upto the discretion of the designer. We will not spend an unlimited amount of time to generate 50-60 renditions for every small change in color of a tile or paint. Material selection is done by viewing actual samples. Digital images of materials downloaded from vendor websites are not a reliable method of deciding whether to keep or discard a tile or paint in your color palette. Our designer is experienced and qualified to advise whether a combination of materials will or will not work, whether a tile is suitable for various applications on the floor, walls, showers and backsplash. The purpose of hiring a Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer is to value the designer's knowledge and experience in giving the right advise.)  

Step 4             
Construction Documentation

Monthly fees after 4 weeks from start of project $750. Architectural drawings are the most important part of the design process. No job begins or is complete without documents. Drawings are required to determine the scope of work; to find the right GC and sub-contractors for the job; to determine labor cost; to apply for permit and to estimate quantities of materials to be ordered. Construction documentation, material estimation and 3D presentation images are done simultaneously. Drawings will incorporate all major space planning components, including cabinetry, appliances, fixtures, and furniture. Prior to ordering cabinets/materials a meeting is arranged with the General Contractor for a labor estimate and an approximate idea of the timeline of demolition and construction.

Your Set of construction documents consist of a Construction Plan, Floor Plan, Elevations, Countertop Plan and Mechanical Plan. We follow NKBA guidelines and in preparing your documents. Permit drawings are available if related to your scope of work.  

(Disclaimer: Construction Documentation begins on the day the contract is signed and renderings are generated from these CDs. After all materials are 90% finalised, CDs are printed for an on-site review by all parties. Documents will be emailed or uploaded for clients frequently when changes are made to the design. 100% documents are finalized after meeting with general contractor, designer and client has concluded. Any changes recommended by the GC are then incorporated.  Materials are ready to be ordered and no more changes can be made. ) 

Step 5             
Order Placement 80% - 100% down payment

After the design is finalized, construction documents are reviewed by the GC, subcontractors and client to verify that all materials being ordered are accurate in quantity, style, color and price. An  estimate is prepared and orders are placed with various vendors. 80% or 100% of cabinet invoice is required to place the order for cabinets depending upon the nature of the project. Delivery dates of cabinets will determine the schedule for when demolition and construction schedule begins. 

Step  6         

When the date of delivery is approaching, it is imperative to ascertain where the cabinets and tile will be placed in the home. If there is room in the garage, make sure it has enough space to organize the boxes that will be delivered.

Custom cabinets are covered under warranty at the time of delivery. They should to be inspected for damages, replacements or missing items immediately upon receiving them. Replacements are free. Contact our designer to process replacements. In case, damages are the direct fault of the client or GC after inspection, the warranty is voided and any replacements are at extra cost. It is important to involve the designer at the time of delivery to avoid warranty issues. Let the designer know of any damages or discrepencies immediately so problems can be resolved. In case this procedure is not followed, the designer is not obligated or responsible for replacement.

Step  7         
Construction and Installation. Final payment, countertop order, before fabrication begins.

Once cabinets are ordered, it allows a few weeks for demolition. If the project requires removing or building walls, finishing floors, relocating plumbing, electricals and hvac ducts, it’s done before the cabinets arrive.


After the cabinets are installed, the countertop template is scheduled. Final payment to the designer is due before countertop fabrication begins. Allow at least 2 - 3 weeks for the countertops to be installed. Once the countertops have been installed, appliances and sinks are reconnected.

Step  8         
Photos and Warranty

We do a final inspection/walk through with you and the contractor. Take photos and videos of your new Kitchen or Bathroom. Our designer will hand you the warranties. Your kitchen is ready to be used. A review is greatly appreciated!!!



Kitchen or Bath remodeling is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people. It is understandable that one feels a bit insecure about how to hire the right person for the job. Regardless whether to hire an experienced and qualified General Contractor or a handyman can be a lifesaving decision. But before hiring a company who will start tearing your home, it is advisable to find out what the final space may look like after it's finished. Planning and Design are the first steps to take. The final product requires a lot of planning that everyone is not familiar with and that's why it's important to FIRST HIRE A CERTIFIED KITCHEN AND BATH DESIGNER. Our Designer who owns MAV Design Concepts is certified and experienced in Commercial and Residential Remodeling. She will organize and manage your project from  it's initial conceptual stage to completion of construction. Remodeling is a process that has to be followed in a methodical manner for efficient and top quality results. We know how to guide clients through a step by step process to avoid costly mistakes that an inexperienced handyman is more likely to make. 



Materials such as tile, countertops, bathroom fixtutes, light fixtures and appliances are a challange to choose.  It is mesmerizing to see pictures of materials and galleries where they have been applied. But, questions arise when ordering them and sometimes what you like on social media may not be available, or in short supply, out of stock, may take too long to be delivered, may have to be special ordered or may come in damaged, the order may be incorrect or the shades don't match the sample at all, etc, etc. These are some of the obstacles that our designer is aware of and when she says don't use a particular product there is a very good reason for it. It is extremely important to trust the judgement of our designer while ordering materials because we know the supply and demand of the market and are aware of the problems that occur in the supply chain. We want to make every effort to help you stay within the budget, start and finish on time, and not create holdups during construction.


Cost is the major factor in determining who to hire.  While it's important for you to keep your cost low, it is important for us to provide you the right services and products for that amount.  Our costs are reasonable, upfront and we are honest with our approach to remodeling.  We don't grab numbers from thin air and quote lumpsum amounts within minutes, but spend a significant amount of time coming up with the right estimate based on your custom choices. Our work is transparent and our fees are comparable to other qualified and certified designers. We follow the industry standard in pricing our jobs and will educate you on what is good and what is not appropriate for your home. We understand your wishes and will abide by your design intent in getting you the best results. 


Answers to questions related to Building inspections, Code, and Permit fees are listed on most county websites or by contacting the local departments. A licenced or certified professional is aware of how to research code requirements and will give the best advise on how to manage a remodeling project. We encourage people to get permits if the building code requires it, it is not costly, cumbersome or a nusance to get work done with a permit. Remodeling without code violations is cost effective and increases the value of your home at the time of sale. A buyer's inspector will find code violations and drive the price of homes down, if the remodel is not done correctly.

NKBA Guidelines for Kitchen and Bath Remodeling follow Building Code and Universal Design. Universal Design is recommended by the designer for a custom space to meet your specific needs, while minimum code requirements are met at the same time.  Major renovations without permit can result in fines, if caught by the building department. It is always good practice to ask for advice from the engineers and architects in the inspection department.  They advise you on what will pass and how to do it right. On the other hand, an unqualified handyman or unlicensed contractor who doesn't have the knowledge of code will talk clients out of applying for permits and generate doubt and fear in their minds. We are here to do it right and the right thing for you to do is hire us because we have experience in dealing with the building department and making sure your remodel is built per code.  

Ask how to apply for a permit for a DIY project, or where to apply for permit as a home owner for an electrical, plumbing or HVAC permit or whether a GC is required to apply for a permit on your project.


Enhancing the visual appeal, versatility, and overall functionality of your kitchen and bathroom through a well-planned remodel can significantly boost your home's worth. Not all Kitchens or Bathrooms are perfect for everyone and that's why we customize to your specific needs.  These spaces are constantly improving to bring functionality and esthetics in homes. Designers are at the forefront of making change, recognizing challenges and problems and offering workable solutions.  We gain our knowledge from professionals who are researching and developing, introducing new products in the market, implementing code for safety. By attending continued education classes offered by NKBA; our Cabinet Vendors; and learning about the latest code changes we are at the forefront of design. HGTV shows are not, and I repeat, are not our source of gaining knowledge. We as designers are far ahead of the media trend. What we bring to your home as independent consultants is featured later social media.  So what you see on TV, is already common knowledge for us. 


It’s because our designer can focus exclusively on your remodel and manage many responsibilities single handedly. With many years of hands-on experience has an indepth knowledge of the remodeling process on commercial and residential projects. 

It's because we're a Certified Kitchen and Bath Designers and we....

  • Are Interior Designers, Kitchen Designers, Bathroom Designers and Space Planners all in one 

  • Graphic Designers, 3D Modeling Artists who can visualize finished spaces in color by just walking into an empty room 

  • Draft Architectural Documents, Mechanical drawings, Lighting Plans for permits so the General Contractor can build that will pass inspection

  • Process Custom Sales Orders and Retail Sales Orders to make sure we are ordering correct quantities of the right product 

  • Schedule Order, manage Shipping, Delivery and Inspection of our product to make sure what was ordered is being delivered in a usable condition

  • Manage Construction for Residential and Commercial Renovation to stay on track of time and  schedules of the entire crew of people working on the job.  

Black and white elevation of kitchen showing the location of sink under a large window. g

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